01. We took the bus all the way to the [terminal] in downtown Pittsburgh, where my sister and her husband picked us up.
02. The [terminal] at the airport was full of people greeting and saying good-bye to friends and family.
03. The doctor says that Grandpa's illness is [terminal], and that all they can do is give him something for the pain.
04. She has been diagnosed with [terminal] cancer.
05. The teacher's resource room has 3 computer [terminals] in it.
06. Her angry remark [terminated] the discussion.
07. The newly hired secretary had her contract [terminated] after she was discovered stealing money from the coffee fund.
08. The latest attack has resulted in the [termination] of peace talks for the foreseeable future.
09. This country's educational systems have moved from elite preparatory systems to mass [terminal] systems.
10. Three and a half thousand years of cyclical state building and collapse in Mesopotamia was definitely [terminated] by foreign invasion.
11. The young woman decided to [terminate] her pregnancy when she realized that her boyfriend had no intention of helping her raise the child.
12. A. P. Herbert once wrote, "It's hard to say why writing verse, should [terminate] in drink or worse."
13. In December of 1973, 32 people were murdered at Rome Airport when terrorists threw bombs at a Pan Am jet, and machine-gunned the [terminal] building.
14. In hospitals, bedside [terminals] connected to a computer allow doctors to order blood tests, and to schedule operations.
15. Hospitals are not the only choice for people who have a [terminal] illness.
16. Many people who have a [terminal] illness choose to spend their remaining days at home with the people they know and love.
17. Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the world, with 4 passenger [terminals] serving flights from around the world.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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